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Season One Episodes!

Updated: Jul 1

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The Gynarchy is launching soon! Sign up for our newsletter to get updates.

Here's a sneak peek of The Gynarchy's Season One episodes:

  • Episode 1: Feminism 101 with Malia Funk 

  • Episode 2: Myths about the Vulva and Vagina with Jessica Pin 

  • Episode 3: Attacks on Abortion and Birth Control with Diane Horvath, MD 

  • Episode 4: The State of IVF and Fertility Medicine with David Sable, MD 

  • Episode 5: Feminist Icon: Taylor Swift with Kelly Joy, MD 

  • Episode 6: Racism in Women’s Healthcare with Camille Clare, MD 

  • Episode 7: Risks of Vaginal Birth with Jocelyn Fitzgerald, MD 

  • Episode 8: All Things Menopause with Sameena Rahman, MD 

  • Episode 9: Medications and Sexual Dysfunction with Rachel Rubin, MD 

  • Episode 10: Intimate Partner Violence with Amy Kaufman 

  • Episode 11: Declines in Marriage and Childbirth with Jody Willson, JD

  • Episode 12: Global Women’s Voices: Documentary Filmmaker Nisha Pahuja 

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